MaybeYou Have Lots Of Mail In Your Gmail Account, Maybe You Want To Delete All Mail From Your Gmail Account. But You Cannot Able To Do This. Dont Worry. For Delete You All Mail From Gmail Account, Gmail Have Select All Future. But This Way You Will Able To Delete 50 Mail By 1Click. So How Can Delete All Mail By 1 Click? Dont Worry. This Is The Trick Lets Go On Trick –
How To Delete All Mail By 1 Click :-

1) Firstly Ligin Your Gmail Account Using Username & Password.

2) After Opening The Gmail Click On Search Box Than Type befor:2015/06/07 Type You Date Till Delete You Mail.

E.x – You You Type Before:2016/09/02 Tha Delete All Mail Befor Of All Date.

3) Than Click On Search Option & You Will See All Mail.

4) Click On Gmail Select There You Will Get A Massage Like This ” All you conversation on this page are selected, Select all conversation that  match this search

5) For Selected All Mail  Click On “Select All Conversation that match this, Search

6) Finally Click On Delete. Boom Done Your Inbox Is Empty.

Final Word :-

Its Working  & Tested On Gmail Account. If You Use Another Account That Have not From Gmail Maybe Its Not Working For You. So This Trick For Gmail User Only. Thank You

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