Presently 120 Crore People Using Facebook.a days a fassion is being progressed among the users of facebook that they are making joy of invisible name of thier name at thier fb account.It is not there before on facebook but
sme how after it has been discovered and people are making the use of it..It is one of the new feature presented by facebook.and now a days people are taking money to make invisible facebook user account make it available we are again presenting “Invisible Name Facebook Account.” You
dont need to pay more fr it.It is easy and every can make invisible name of thier account.

NOTE: Facebook Nameless Tricks Working for UC Browser, Opera min, Google Chrome, & Working On Android/ Ios/ Windows Mobiles

How To Get Nameless Facebook Account :-

1) First Goto Web Browsers and Open

2) Create Account

3) Fill The First Name With Is Word တမန္ေတာ္

4) Fill The Surname/Last Name With This Word က်ဴးပါက်ဲ

5) Submit Your Email/Phone Number, Date of Birth, Password And SingUp

6) Verifying Facebook With phone/Email Verification Code

7) Now You will Successfully Singup With This Name တမန္ေ   က်ဴးပါက်ဲ 

8) Now Wait 30 minutes & Open Your Facebook you will See No name have there.

9) And Facebook Request to Add your first name & last name.Do not give or fillup your name.It’s leave Blank

10) Submit

11) Your Facebook Account Nameless Successfully

Terms & Conditions :-

√ Don’t use any Facebook application

√ Working This tricks phones & PC Browser

√ Please Copy & Pest First Name and last name From This tricks to your Facebook name

√ If you want to change of fillup your first name or last name go to Facebook general settings and change simply

√ most important if Facebook worrning/ Request to fill your name do not fill this.With out fill Submit it.

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